Raven IP recognise that patents give a business a commercial tool which can be extremely valuable and which protects the investment of time and money in research and development and which can be used to protect market share.

The patent services provided at Raven IP include:

  • Pre-filing advice, including patentability searches
  • Drafting patent applications for new inventions
  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications
  • Providing freedom to operate opinions
  • Providing advice on filing strategies and possible commercialisation strategies
  • Cost projections

There are a number of ways to commence the patenting process in Australia:

1.       A Provisional Application is an optional step before filing a complete application.  Provisional applications establish the priority date of your invention and give you 12 months in which to file the complete application.

2.       A Complete Application can be filed and is required for the grant of a patent in Australia.  The complete application can be either a standard patent or an innovation patent.

3.       An International PCT application can also be filed in Australia and provides a first step for having patents granted in a number of different countries which and can protect your invention in important export markets.

4.       National Phase Entry is the final step in the international application and involves filing the complete application in Australia.

Nearly all countries now have a standard patent term of 20 years and annual fees must be paid, often during the application phase and then for the life of the patent.  The fee usually increases with the age of the patent.  Fees are also often incurred in overcoming objections during examination and in finally obtaining the grant of the patent in each country.  There are European and other regional patent application routes which can reduce the cost of obtaining protection in a number of regional countries at the same time.

Raven IP are experts in formulating the most cost effective filing strategy to protect your patent.  We will meet with you and provide you all available avenues and pricing structures available to secure the rights to your invention.  We pride ourselves on taking the extra time and going the extra mile for our clients to ensure their needs are met – in a friendly and professional manner, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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