Raven IP love great brands.  Your name, brand and reputation mean a lot to us.

There is nothing we like more than seeing our clients trade marks plastered over a billboard, being marketed by local retailers, or picking it up whilst travelling overseas.  Our Trade Mark Attorneys are committed to gaining our clients the best possible protection for their brands, which we like to think of as one of their most powerful (and valuable) assets.

A registered trade mark is a federally granted, nationwide monopoly to protect your goods and services against your competitors.   Without your own trade mark registration, another party could apply for an identical or similar trade mark and be granted registration at any time without your knowledge.

Our goal is to ensure your trade mark is safeguarded effectively so you can go about your business activities in each market with confidence in the knowledge that your brand is well-protected by your IP partners, Raven IP.

Our Trade Mark Services include:

  • Australian and International brand protection strategies
  • Providing trade mark registerabilty advice
  • Assisting with brand creation – inhouse branding workshops
  • Conducting trade mark searches to determine the availability of trade marks in Australia and overseas
  • Preparing, filing and managing Australian and International trade mark applications
  • Preparing, filing and managing Madrid Protocol (international) trade mark applications
  • Responding to objections raised by Trade Mark Examiner’s upon examination of trade mark applications – in Australia and abroad
  • Researching and providing advice on the validity of registered trade marks for non-use/removal purposes
  • Prosecution of trade mark opposition proceedings for both the trade mark owner/applicant and opponents in Australia and abroad
  • Negotiation and settlement of trade mark oppositions and disputes
  • Management of Australian and international trade mark portfolios
  • Facilitating the renewal and maintenance of trade marks
  • Education of our clients and their teams or networks in best practice trade mark protection and management

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