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Raven IP Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys offer Australian and international industrial design registration services. We are experts in conducting novelty searches to determine if your design is registerable, and of course can file your design application to ensure maximum protection for your creative work. Our team are highly skilled in the prosecution and management of industrial design applications so do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free consultation or quote.

What is a design registration?

Design registration protects the appearance of a new product.  A design includes the visual features such as the shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation which give the product a unique appearance.

A design involves the shape and appearance of an article, which in its two dimensional representation is initially automatically protected by copyright if it is original.  However if you wish to mass produce and sell the actual article with the benefit of a legal monopoly your design must be new and different and you must register it.

What are registered design rights?

A registered design can be used to stop others making, using, selling and/or importing products which look ‘substantially similar in overall visual impression’ to the registered design. 

By seeking the appropriate level of protection for your industrial design not only will you have the ability to exclusively monopolise on your creative work, but you will enjoy the peace of mind that in the event of infringement you will have the registered rights to take legitimate enforcement action.   Registered and certified designs are extremely valuable assets and can be instrumental to the success of your business.  Do not delay, be the early bird and ensure you contact our team to further discuss your design.

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