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We like to share our knowledge – in the end it will benefit our local economy…

In today’s economic environment intellectual property can be your most valuable asset.  While trademarks and copyrights are generally understood, patents are generally misunderstood, resulting in a loss of revenue every year.

One of the biggest mistakes made is the lack of education when it comes to patents and identifying patentable material.  At Raven IP we believe it beneficial for all groups within a company like engineers, technicians and sales staff to be educated on patents.  Being able to identify patentable inventions should be a role that the entire company takes on and uses to benefit the company as a whole.

Another common issue is identifying situations that are specifically related to patents, such as the creation of a new product, the suggestion of an improvement to a product by a customer or a potential infringement situation.  If you are not fully-educated on patents, numerous patent rights are lost and expensive mistakes can be made.

Many companies believe that patent research is the final stage of the product development process, when it should be one of the first stages.  Performing a patentability search late in the product development process fails to take advantage of some of the ancillary benefits associated with patentability searches.

Likewise, filing a patent application after you have made a public disclosure (e.g. offer for sale, seminar, published on a Web site) will result in the loss of most foreign patent rights.  The best time to file a patent application is usually after the invention has been approved for commercial production and prior to any public disclosure of the invention.

All of the above issues and mistakes reinforce the lack of education provided in relation to intellectual property matters.  At Raven IP we are dedicated to provide not only the best strategy for protecting your invention but also providing the education required to assist you in all stages from the research and development through to enforcing your intellectual property rights against potential infringers.

When it comes to patents costly mistakes are made every day, it is learning from these mistakes and potentially avoiding future mistakes that a good education program brings to a company.

Let Raven IP educate your people and help avoid those costly mistakes. 

Presenting at Public Events

At Raven IP we are constantly providing seminars and presentations at events to educate the community in the growing need to protect intellectual property.   If your company or network would like to take advantage of our skills and knowledge then we are happy to present at your next event.

In-house Training

No matter what your IP education requirements are, big or small,let Raven IP take care of it.  Whatever you require, we can deliver tailored educational programs specific to your business or industry to ensure the utmost protection and enforcement of your most valuable assets.

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