Trade Marks Education

Trade Mark protection is a vital aspect of business that many people overlook until it is too late.

In fact, trade mark registration is often the first thing in business you should be investigating, even prior to company registration, purchasing domains, ordering business cards, etc. There is nothing more disappointing than to find out that your chosen mark is not registrable for some reason – especially if you have already committed significant funds to marketing the new brand.

Presenting at Public Events

At Raven IP we are all about spreading the word on the importance and benefits of trade mark protection and strategic brand monitoring and management.  We often present at local events to inform business owners on essential aspects of brand protection.  Please contact us if you are interested in our team attending your next event to educate your network on this vital business process.

In-house Training

We can also tailor educational programs for you and your team on intellectual property, specifically brand creation, brand management and trade mark registration.  For example, if you have a marketing manager who needs specific training on how to create awesome brand names which CAN be owned exclusively by the business, he/she will need to understand the core principles of what makes a registerable trade mark.  OR, You might want one of your staff to be your IP OFFICER (responsible for the IP protection of the business), and therefore they would need to understand how to evaluate what is new in the business and how it should be protected. They would also obviously need a sound understanding of the vital importance of IP protection.  They would need to know how to search online to ensure no infringement of the business’ IP assets, and also how to monitor the use of the representation of trade marks, patents and designs, etc.   As you can appreciate, there is a lot  to know and learn about IP management and protection, and that is what we are here for – to make your life a lot easier and do it all for you!   However, if you do have a keen interest in this area, we are always happy to share our knowledge!

Whatever you require, we can deliver tailored educational programs specific to your business or industry to ensure the utmost protection and enforcement of your most valuable assets.

Please  contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

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