Useful IP Links

At Raven IP we believe knowledge is power.  We always endeavor to direct our clients to whatever online resources are available in order to assist them in expanding their knowledge and networks to ensure their confidence in moving forward with their innovation or business.

  1. Ausindustry is a specialist program delivery division of the Australian Government that provides a range of incentives that actually assist businesses to grow.
  2. Founders Forum is a public angel investor network devoted to assisting early-stage investment opportunities through regular meetings where entrepreneur present their ventures.
  3. The Gold Coast Innovation Centre supports the growth of knowledge-based start-up companies looking to take on the challenges of significant business growth.
  4. The Australian Institute of Commercialisation provides innovation and collaboration services that help organisations grow.
  5. Alchemy Equities assist clients to get their products, services or technologies ready for commercialisation and maximize the financial outcomes for their clients.
  6. The Queensland Government provides a wealth of information for people interested in starting a business.
  7.  ilab is a thriving business incubator that turns technology start-ups into successful global ventures.
  8. The Licensing Executives Society (Australia and New Zealand) is an international community of innovation and commercialisation professionals who focus to create an environment for effective and successful commercialisation.

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