Trade Marks

A trade mark is the sign in which your customers would use to recall your product or service.  It is what defines your products or services from others.

This can include –

  • your logo
  • your brand name
  • your unique icon (ie. the Nike swoosh/tick)
  • your slogan
  • aspects of your packaging
  • colour
  • sound
  • scent
  • your own personal name
  • a domain name…

You can protect your trade marks in almost all countries around the world via the individual registration system or laws of the country.  Raven IP can help you ensure powerful trade mark rights in each jurisdiction you plan on entering.  The key is – the early bird catches the worm – the sooner you safeguard your trade mark by way of registered rights, the better position you will be in to ensure no infringement issues, and peace of mind that you OWN your brand.   Registration provides you the exclusive rights to the trade mark  in any market place, real or virtual, and takes legal precedence over both business name and domain name registration.

The difference between trade marks, business, company and domain names sometimes causes confusion for both traders and the public. Registration of a business, company or domain name does not in itself give you any proprietary rights to the name – only a trade mark can give you that kind of protection.

You only ever truly own your brand/trade mark if you have registered trade mark rights – a legally enforceable asset which you can licence, assign or sell.

We highly recommend protection of your trade mark in each and every market you service.  We offer Australian trade mark registration services and International registration services.  In some jurisdictions it can take up to 4 years to achieve trade mark registration, so do not delay, talk to our team about your export plans so we can ensure the best possible filing strategy to protect your business.


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